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Reevu helmets are the worlds first rear view motorbike helmet, providing the rider with a genuine view of what is happening behind via carefully positioned optic, avoiding the need for the rider to take their eyes off the road ahead while checking their mirrors.

Just as when driving a car, the driver uses their peripheral vision to check in the mirrors, so the principal is exactly the same when using the Reevu rear view motorbike helmet.

Reevu helmets have a fully adjustable optic, just like a car’s rear view mirror. By using a system of refraction over the top of the helmet, this gives a fantastic and clear view of the situation on the road behind the rider.

All Reevu helmets have been stringently tested for safety and conform to all safety requirements. The Reevu helmet is used extensively within the racing scene, where being able to see behind gives a distinct advantage! Check out our racing pages on this site.

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The Worlds First Genuine

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For further information on how the Reevu rear view motorbike helmet works and operates, check out our help page for videos, downloads etc.

And of course, if you’re looking to buy Reevu helmets, don’t forget to check out our shop to buy Reevu helmets for the best prices. After all, that’s all we do here…

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