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Reevu MSX1

The Reevu MSX1 helmet is world's first helmet incorporating an effective rear-view system. Reevu has been the industry leader for many years with their patented mirror system, manufactured from a reflective poly-carbonate material, not glass. The polycarbonate material is almost impossible to break and weighs substantially less than glass the glass equivalent, ultimately providing the rider with additional comfort and safety standards.

The mirror system is incorporated into the outer shell of the helmet. By essentially bending the light, the mirror system provides an excellent clear view of the the road behind the rider, very similar in effect to a car's rear view mirror system. The Reevu MSX1 rear view system  offers the rider a simultaneous awareness of what is happening on the road both in front and behind without extra conscious effort.

The Reevu MSX1 Helmet Features:

● Patented rear-view technology

● Tri-composite carbon fibreglass, Kevlar and synthetic hi-tenacity advanced fibre shell

● Fully removable and washable liner

● Anti-fog face shield

The REEVU MSX1 has already passed most of the Worlds most stringent safety standards it has already proved itself on and off the Track and is currently homologated to ECE 22.05. INMETRO DOT AS/NZS 1698. 2006 S.A.B. K.S.

Price includes Post & Packing

Note: Reevu MSX1 helmet ships with clear visor.

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